Tips for using a doctor blade

Jul 13 , 2023
Tips for Using Doctor Blades with a improved efficiency as follows:

Regularly Check for Blade Wear: It is crucial to monitor the condition of the doctor blade regularly. If serious wear is observed, replace the blade immediately to maintain the optimal performance of your printing press.

Thorough Cleaning: When replacing the doctor blade, take apart the doctor blade holder and carefully clean the ink off the doctor blade and top plate. Ensure a meticulous and complete cleaning process to avoid any residual ink affecting future printing.

Proper Cleaning After Use: After each use, clean the doctor blade to prevent ink residue or moisture accumulation. Wipe the blade's edge with alcohol to ensure water evaporates and prevent rusting. Remember, a rusty blade will compromise its effectiveness.

Timely Cleaning of Blade Holder: Clean the ink from the blade holder's inner components promptly. Ink buildup can cause the blade's edge to buckle, leading to inefficient ink removal and negatively impacting the print quality.

Be Cautious with Polyester Plastic Blades: If your printing press uses polyester plastic doctor blades, be aware that the high printing speed may accelerate blade wear. Additionally, debris from these blades can fall into the ink box or get trapped between the blade and cylinder, affecting print quality. Take necessary precautions to minimize any adverse effects.

Installation Angle and Pressure: For durable steel doctor blades, install them at the opposite location and at an angle of 30°~40°. The specific angle and pressure should align with the air cylinder used in your printing press setup.

Consider Long-Term Operation: Continuous operation of your flexor printing press can accelerate blade wear. Therefore, proper blade installation is equally crucial to ensure consistent print quality over time.

Ensure your printing press operates at its best by adhering to these notices for using doctor blades. Remember, a well-maintained blade significantly contributes to achieving optimal print results and overall efficiency.

Thank you for choosing Top We Doctor Blades  We appreciate your attention to these important guidelines.
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