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Top We Doctor Blade are fully produced with European origin raw carbon steel strip materials, there are total 4 grades available(varies for different machine speeds from 120meters/minute to 500meters/minutes).

Top We Machine Tool Cutting Blades can be customized in various steel, alloy, carbide, stainless steel materials, like D2,SKD-11, 9CrSi, Cr12Mov, SK85, Mn65 W6MoCr4, W18Cr4V, SKH-51, 440C etc. to meet different cutting requirements.

Our factory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that includes precision honing machines, automatic chamfering machines, advanced polishing machines, grinders, and cutting-edge coating production line. With over hundreds of machines and ten automated production lines, we have the capacity to produce more than 100,000 boxes of doctor blades and 800,000 various machine tool cutting blades annually.

To ensure the highest quality, our stringent inspection process begins prior to delivery. We meticulously verify all relevant material documents, such as incoming inspection sheets and bills, along with a thorough assessment of the material's appearance. Only after confirming their quality do we initiate the production process.

Once production is complete, our dedicated team conducts a comprehensive inspection of the doctor blades. This includes evaluating their appearance, size, hardness, and edge angle. In adherence to our commitment to excellence, only the qualified products are carefully stored, while any products that do not meet our standards are promptly reworked to meet our strict specifications.

At Top We, quality control and customer satisfaction are our paramount concerns. By prioritizing precision and attention to detail at every stage of our manufacturing process, we aim to deliver doctor blades, machine tool cutting blades of the highest standard to meet and exceed your expectations.

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